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Valmod Overhaul Horde Edition

New Zombies

Valmod features several custom, unique Zombies. Some are "boss" zombies while some are just for variety.

These include:

Feral Crawler
New Lumberjack
Burning Crawler
Burning Spider
Burning Runner
Burning Boss (Spits fire)
Trucker Boss
Grave Reaper
Monstrous Brute


New Weapons and Tools

The following weapons and tools have been added to the game:
Bolt Rifle
Iron Crossbow
Repeater Crossbow
Combat Axe
Weed Cleaver
Sniper High-Powered Scoped
Legendary Weapons


New Ammo Types

All the guns now have alternative ammo types that you can use. You unlock these by investing to perk level 2 in the relevant ammo perk.

New ammo includes:
9mm, 10mm, 762mm Hollow Point Rounds - The most damaging of rounds.
9mm, 10mm, 762mm Incendiary Rounds - These rounds deal a little extra damage and can set the enemy on fire.
Blunderbuss Shredder Ammo - Deals more damage and causes bleeding.
Incendiary Shell - Shotgun shells that set the enemy on fire.
Loki Shells – Shotgun shells similar to the incendiary shell.
Siege Shell - Shotgun shells that deal relatively little damage to enemies but a lot to blocks.
Crafting ammo also requires specific shell casings. Such as 9mm Casing or Shotgun Shell Casing. (Overhaul)

Note: There is a bug where the gun will not accurately display the correct damage the gun deals when you swap ammo. Do not worry, this is just a visual bug.


Expanded Cooking Recipes

Now the bowl serves a purpose other than making decoration. All stew recipes now require a bowl of water instead of a jar of water and will return the bowl to you when you eat.

Food recipes will require bowls of water instead of bottled water.

Bowl's can be be used just like glass jars to gather water. Just like with the bottled water you'll have to boil the bowl of water to get a clean version before you can safely drink it or use it. (Bowl of Murky Water turns into Bowl of Water).

Boiled food now uses a bowl of water as the cooking tool instead of cooking pot.
Cornbread uses a bowl of water as the cooking tool instead of a cooking pot.

Empty cans now serve a purpose as you can now pour your stews into them to get canned variants that have no smell.

Pour your canned foods into bowls and warm them up for tasty wellness-providing variants.

Survivor Notes: Skill Points

You can find Survivor Notes on zombie loot and other various locations which can be read for skill points. You can also scrap recipe books you find in loot for survivor notes.